Dr. Diane White-Clayton
Musician.  Author.  Speaker.  Workshop Clinician.

(P) 202.491.6961
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As a workshop clinician, Dr. Dee uses her tools as a vocal technician to assist choirs in developing their sound; she teaches Gospel Choir workshops for those unfamiliar with the performance practices of Gospel Music; she has a series of “Freeing Your Voice” workshops that include sessions for helping “non-singers” overcome their fears of singing as well as workshops for corporate teams to foster team-building and voice strengthening.  No matter what the topic, Dr. Dee’s workshops are fun, interactive, educational and inspiring.

As a composer, her works have been performed across the globe at such venues as the John F. Kennedy Center, Carnegie Hall, the Air Canada Arena and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.  Her scores are often included in the repertoire of festivals on the middle, high school and collegiate levels.  Although Dr. Dee is most known for her choral anthems, she has gained recognition for her tremendous stylistic diversity, ranging from atonal classical pieces to contemporary gospel. An ingenious arranger, her creativity may be heard in her arrangements of African and Korean folk songs to her much-celebrated arrangement of Israel's National Anthem, the Hatikvah. 

A classically trained pianist, Dr. Dee flowers her strong gospel proficiency with a powerful virtuosity and the colors of jazz. Vocally, she weaves her operatic high soprano skills into a soulful gospel warmth that both inspires and impresses listeners as she spans her three-and-a-half octave range.

Dr. Dee is a sought-after speaker who combines heartfelt honesty with personal testimony and humor demonstrating powerful faith through eloquence and fervor. Whether speaking to thousands or small groups, her keen sense of discernment allows her to connect instantly to diverse audiences. She is founder and CEO of LCW Publishing Corporation and has self-produced two recordings, “In Stillness” and “Dr. Dee Live in DC: My Heart Says Yes.”  Dee is the author of, "Journey to the Altar," an encouragement to single women, it is her story of marrying late in life and the candid struggles she faced as a virgin, waiting and dating God’s way.  

Diane is married to the love of her life, Joe Clayton of Los Angeles—an  acclaimed conga player who performed and recorded with the likes of Aretha Franklin, the Jackson Five, Marvin Gaye, Billy Joel and many, many more.  Often performing as “Dr. Dee & Deacon Joe,” they offer comedic anecdotes of dating, while sharing their love for Christ and one other.